Practical Spirituality — A Toolkit for Powering Up Your Life

12 min readDec 7, 2019

What the heck is, Practical Spirituality?

Practical Spirituality is not WHAT or WHO you believe (in) or don’t believe (in). It is not about your religion. It is not about what happens or doesn’t happen when you die.

None of that is my business.

What is my business is that a lot of my clinical clients feel disconnected, lost, and power-less, and helping them get out of those spaces is a big piece of what I do.

Practical Spirituality is the name of the toolkit I prescribe for getting connected, found, and power-filled. It consists of 4 basic pieces:

  • Values Identification
  • Mindfulness Practice
  • Practicing value-based behavior
  • Compassionate self-evaluation and self-care

I’m going to be breaking these down and talking about them over the course of the next few minutes.

First, Practical Spirituality is all about values.

Values. They define who we are as Beings, and we all have them. We demonstrate our values in every move we make. Thus, we show who WE ARE every time we take action.

Wait. What?

Yes. Our actions demonstrate what we value and who we are in the moment. If we act in positive, growth-oriented, healthy ways, we show that our values are positive, growth-oriented and healthy. If we act in ways that are hurtful, negative, or restrictive, those are the values we are demonstrating. It’s important to remember that our actions define our values (and our Selves) in the MOMENT. That means that we can redefine (our Selves) and our values every time we take action. Even if we have been acting from a place of dis-ease, there’s no room for shame here. We just need to course correct.

Moving forward:

Values can be:

  • Ethical — These are rules that come from outside sources. Professional codes of conduct, religious principles, and community rules are all examples.
  • Moral — These values are based on our own internal compass. These are things that we will or will not do based on our own sense of right and wrong. Morals may not be shared…




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